there's something in that sky...
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[ATTACK] Crimson Smash.

Japanese: クリムゾンスマッシュ
Romaji: Kurimuzon Sumasshu

User: Kamen Rider Faiz
Weapon Required: Faiz Pointer

From: Kamen Rider 555 - Episode 10


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If you listen closely in this scene, you can faintly hear my heart shatter into a million pieces masked by the pitiful voice of kouta begging his dear friend from destroying his own body.

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you’ve got a lil’ somethin’ right there

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(via かわいすぎるネコがつぶらな瞳で見つめてくる「初恋にゃんこパフェ」を食べてきた - ライブドアニュース)

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how is this town real

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"Why…why can’t I remember..? Why can’t I remember what your smile was like? What was I trying to protect?

What the heck was I fighting for?”



oh, how interesting.

Keep in mind that that’s his subconscious telling him that in the first pic, so he’s essentially beating himself up mentally to the point that he cant even find it in him to value his own life. We can all scorn Micchy all we want, but the sad truth is that behind all of his backstabbing and douchebaggery, is a very sad, very depressed young man who only wanted to keep the people he thought he cared about safe, no matter the cost to himself.

ハジケルレモン  † 亮